Plunge for Patients

The Plunge for Patients is a fund-raiser that benefits the Johns Hopkins Patient and Family Fund by assisting patients and their families with expenses not covered by medical insurance. The weekend-long event is held in Wildwood, New Jersey and is hosted by Morey's Piers, "America's Great Boardwalk Experience."

Scholarship Deadline

The application deadline for the Aaron Duane Parker Memorial Scholarship at the Baltimore International College is fastly approaching.

Benefits of the Foundation

Services are listed below to solicit interest from individuals who may benefit from a program or from individuals who may assist us in bringing the program to fruition.

Shared experiences and knowledge

Every patients protocol is different yet many questions, concerns and decisions an individual or family must make are similar. We would like to share our experience, where appropriate, with others who are in need of options or opinions on decisions they face. We dont claim to have a unique answer to coping or succeeding with the battle against leukemia. It does mean that we want to share our belief that our positive outlook and religious beliefs helped Aaron.

Comfort Coupons

Some patients, like my son, had never been in the hospital. Most hospital units want a caregiver to work with the patient. This may require a family member to take a leave of absence or to quit their job. To help give emotional comfort and decrease some stress, the Foundation will provide postage stamps, parking coupons, cafeteria meal coupons, book coupons, phone calling cards, movie theater coupons and food coupons.

Video Cart/Closet

As part of Aarons first treatment of chemotherapy, Aaron was not allowed to eat. To help get his mind off eating he would look at television. Aaron quickly discovered how many commercials were food related. To help him through this most difficult time, friends gave Aaron Blockbuster gift certificates. By viewing videos, he was not subjected to all the food scenes, and it would help pass the time during the initial period where he was not allowed to leave his room. With the formation of the foundation, we wanted to address these same issues by offering patients and their families the opportunity to access a revolving video library and select movies for viewing in their room eliminating the time and expense of video store rentals.

Videos and Audio Books Needed: Please call for more information 301-459-5240.

Aaron's Cupboard

To help relieve some of the financial strain of setting up a temporary second household, a closet will be available with items that individuals may borrow and/or donate for others to use while staying at a facility that provides lodging for patients and their families when confronted with medical emergencies. Some of the items that will be kept in the cupboard are: trash cans, blankets, dish basins, storage food containers, hangers, brooms, mops, dish towels, dust pan, kitchen utensils, strainers, etc.

Support of other Foundations and Groups

There are many charitable organizations whose goals are deserving of fulfillment. Our Foundation intends to be a major supporter of such organizations. Although our emphasis will initially concentrate on the Washington and Baltimore area, the Foundation's hopes are to expand the program, which can have greater impact by participating on a regional basis. The Foundation also hopes to support facilities seeking the cure for leukemia, the lymphomas, and multiple myeloma.


In our experience, there is a lack of education in the African American community regarding bone marrow registry procedures. We want to build awareness, increase recruitment and retention to diversify the minority participation in the Registry. In fact, we seek a long-range result to see an increase of African American donor registry and to have high retention level.

Aaron Duane Parker Memorial Scholarship

We have established with Baltimore International College the Aaron Duane Parker Memorial Scholarship to commemorate Aaron's dream of becoming a chef, to keep him alive in our hearts and minds, and to help another student reach his or her goal. The Aaron Duane Parker Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually to a student enrolled in Baltimore International Colleges School of Culinary Arts. The student must demonstrate acceptable academic ability along with financial need. The scholarship will be awarded each year on August 16, Aaron's birthday. For further information you may call the school at 1-800-624-9926.

Patient & Family Emergency Cupboard

This is a closet stocked with practical items of benefit to patients and families confronted with medical emergencies and the need for sudden lodging. These items would include: toothbrushes, tooth paste, individual packets of pain relief products and antacids, saline solution for contact lenses, denture cleaning products, hair care products, shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, mouth wash, soap, lotion, hairdryers, curling irons, bed linens and towels.

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